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Home Sweet Homeschool
Home Sweet Homeschool

Monday, November 30, 2009

Snowflakes...and storms

Well ,what a few days ! EVERYWHERE and I dont just mean Ireland is literally washed out...just look at the photo of the storm blowing the other night ! And tonights forcast is for minus 5....shiver !!!! Aideen has been literally put out of the school room since yesterday as our bedroom is being insulated so everything from our room has had to be put into the schoolroom for storage for a couple of days , but that doesnt mean there isnt work being done ! Today Aideen outdid herself writing Christmas cards for all her homeschool friends all over the world and we also packaged some small gifts (in recycled paper of course) ! And Aideen has cut some amazing snowflakes so we can start decorating the schoolroom once we get it back ...
aslo we signed up to HOPENAGEN.com , world leaders are meeting in Copenhagen on Dec 7th to see what can be done for climate chance so do go to the site and sign the petition its only takes a minute ! Keep warm , from all at Scoil Dai :0)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Haikus away !

What with the evenings drawing in so early Homeschool work can be done when its dark outside, which sparked a conversation about people who live in the dark , whether they have no electricity , and if so how they make light or indeed if they are blind...Daisy`s "book of the week" is "Elmos Pets" , its on her little desk and she sits there everyday pretending to read ,while big sister Aideen works at her desk...cute ! Also Aideen is practicing writing Haikus this week as she wants to enter the International childrens haiku poetry competition ,this year the theme is "school" ,she hasnt decided on her entry yet but we`ll post the finished poem! And Aideen is too ,making her Christmas gifts , as a family we have a plan every year to make home made gifts for each other ,and look at what Aideen is doing for Daisy , she printed a page from a vintage coloring book and is embroidering it to put in a frame ,and Dad is getting a knitted scarf ! Thanks to aunty Nora by the way for the Viking poster towards the project ! Aideen is spending a little time each day colouring a bit in to "relax" after a fun days Homeschool...and what do you think of Daisy`s cress???? OMG most of the seeds ended up on the floor , but some survived and we had them in tonights salad , they were lovley Daisy well done :0)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Another busy , but fun week here at the "Scoil Dai" Homeschool ! As always we are preparing for Thanksgiving , the girls have been busy painting all week , I dont know if you can see by the photo but baby Daisy is managing some kind of 3D painting !!!! Aideen has as well as making a wonderful papier mache Native Indian teepee , made a lovley banner for the hallway , and is studying about the wild American turkey.
Also this week in Science/Health Aideen has been studying the affects of drinking and smoking on the body , and why you should "just say NO" ! EdHelper has some wonderful question and answer sheets...also Aideen made a "thankyou" certificate for our Librarian , you can print out one of these certificates to colour at : www.crayola.com
well thats about it for this week , as you can see our hyacinth is just about surviving after another battle with our cat W.B. :0)
Take care and happy homeschooling until next week !

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This week Aideen is busy designing a wallpaper for the Homeschool computer screen , and it also entails writing stories (in comic strip form)...Ella was down Sunday and the girls had an impromptu art and poetry lesson. and much excitement to be had , Renee and Erin Beth sent letters not just to Aideen and Daisy , and also Ella, Sadhbh and Caoimhe....so letter writing high on the list ! Also Aideens written a poem for the Fanzine for Dee`s shop "Lucys Lounge" , check out her great blog !

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Howl at the moon.....

All week Aideen has been working on her wolf project...well done Aideen another A+ !!!!!! As well as getting books and a dvd at the library , Aideen also used EDHELP (Thanks Jennifer !!!!) and the National Geographic site to gather lots of information on this amazing creature. She picked the wolf as her animal of the month as halloween is just over...soem amazing ,amazing facts came to light , (this kid is a walking animal encyclopia)...worryingly this beautiful animal is now endangered...especially the grey wolf of America , as its being hunted , etc. But great project aideen and Daisy even got in on it ,hanging the project up on the kitchen door with "dicky tape" :0)