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Home Sweet Homeschool
Home Sweet Homeschool

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

and SEW say all of us !

Well everyone , life is busy but beautiful at this time of year ! And here in "Scoil Dai" , as well as ordinary lessons , we find ourselves as busy as the elves in Santa`s workshop ! Daisy LOVES "cooking" with her homemade playdough (thanks for that Annah , great gift !) , and as you can see she wouldnt even take her coat off to play , herself and Saul played ALL DAY with playdough at the Knights house and Daisy got to bring some home , and its STILL going strong ! Aideen is busy sewing her Christmas gifts (can`t show too many pics or we`d give the surprises away) , and it SO cosy because when you are a homeschooler you can do your sewing lessons in bed with Mom :)on cold winter evenings ...
Also Aideen made a cartoon piture of her friend Ella , who loves Tinkerbell and we laminated it , so Ella has a great coaster to put under her teacup ! These pictures of Aideens are SO popular and such a quircky , personal gift !
Also with the weather being cold we are cooking a lot and learning as we go about how animals and indeed humans around the world cook and store their foods ...and plenty of lovley fruit being eaten here in Scoil Dai at the moment , to keep all the nasty colds at bay....hope if you have the winter sniffles you feel better soon !

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  1. Busy hands are happy hands!!! Looks like EVERYONE is having a good time, including Mom.