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Home Sweet Homeschool
Home Sweet Homeschool

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A brand new Year !

WOW , does`nt time fly ? A whole new year ! WHAT wonderful conversations we`ve been having together and with friends , about everything and anything ...for example, tonights dinner table conversation was about how the climate change has become SO noticable...and we`ve gotten a little over the radiator airer for the homeschool room as drying clothes is hard in the cottage , every available space counts :0)
Also , of her own accord , Aideen made a list of New Year Resolutions...and this very morning , she got her baby sister up , changed and fed her , lit the fire and let me and her dad have a wonderful lie-in !!!!! Some gifts just cant be bought !
We want to wish all our friends and family...Lewis, Maeve , Ger and Nora very speedy "feel better soon" , all have had nasty accidents in or on the dreadful ice , so they`ve been in our prayers xx
Well , off to bed , "early to bed earlt to rise..." as tomorrow sees not on a start back at the "books" for Aideen , but also myself...
So goodnight nd keep warm from us all at Scoil Dai !


  1. hi tia love the blog, and aidi you are really doing well, thank you so much for the hug this evening really needed it....
    tia thanks for reminding me to take it easy!! i will...cant believe im on go slow for a while...lol well maybe...
    hugs big hugs

  2. It's back to the work-a-day world for us to tomorrow. The boys had off from work from Dec. 23 until today. It was nice having them around, but I'm ready for a nice quiet house come tomorrow morning.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...tea and knitting in the peace and quiet. It's a good thing.