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Friday, March 19, 2010

Moonsand Science co-op

Today (Friday) is our sheduled day for Science class with Jennifer (In Virginia , USA, ) via webcam...as well as Aideen , taking part were: Renee , EB, Beth and Will...so lots of squeals of delight at the mess :0) The idea of making moonsand was to show the kids the reasoning behind non-Neutonian fluids (that means fluids that react differently whe different pressures are applied to them). Things got so messy ,and fun that when it came to writing our observations everyone had to take a break to clean up LOL ! As you can see ,really "ugh" hee hee !
Also this wek Aideens being working on her Virginia State project , her maths and also in French we are revising some things like family , favourite foods, etc...
And cooking has been a big thing this week  , today Aideen helped me make a delicious chicken casserole , I kid you not there was NOTHING left !
And another learning opportunity arose this evening as the town of Maynooth was plunged into darkness due to an ESB (electricty) powercut ,  so lots of questions to be answered , and talks about what people did before electricty was invented.
Also our (American) sign language lessons are gong really well !!!! We are learning one /two signs a day (the whole family) and we practice them after dinner each evening , we have a notebook now with the words we`ve learned written down and we`ve taken photos (to be printed) of us making the sign for each word to stick on the relevant page...
Well its late and even HS moms have to go to bed sometime ...have a great weekend wherever you are ! Love from us all at Scoil Dai !

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