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Home Sweet Homeschool
Home Sweet Homeschool

Friday, August 7, 2009

Water play...

Was their ever a child I wonder that did`nt like "slopping" on a sunny day in a basin full of water ??? Daisy adores this game...and little does this know that this seemingly simple activity is actually causing her little brain cells to , well , learn ! You dont need a fancy set-up fpr water and sand play, a basin will do for both just fine...then sit back and enjoy the fun...dont forget the camera !

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  1. hi a, so sorry i haven't being in contact for a while i am leaving my life blog free for the month of august however i got up early to day to catch up on you and see what you're up to. i love the skirt it is beautiful and so well made you should be so proud of your self. enjoy wearing it.
    the reason i am so busy is i am opening small craft section in my shop where i will sell upcycled clothes [just like yours] and jewellery. most of the clothes, i, am involved in making but i am also getting others to make clothes as well. although it sounds like v little it requires huge amount of work so doing this on top of the shop [which is mad busy] means i've no time for blogging.
    i'm so glad your having such agreat summer you seem to be busy too with lots of visitors.
    hello to your mam and hugs to you and daisy. thinking of you if not talking to you.love dee visit soon d