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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tudor England , Florida and paint !

A HUGE "thankyou" to our wonderful friend Helen in Leeds who sent a barrowload of information on Leeds castle and the Tudors...lots of "ohhing" and "ahhing" went on ! This is gonna be one great project me thinks !

Aideen has nearly completed her project on the state of Florida in the USA

Daisy is STILL painting :0) Today the order was for "orange paint and glitter please mammy"

Aideens Frida project !

Some of the wonderful cards Aideen and Daisy recieved from their Homeschoolers Valentine swap ! Its a great idea and every year you get cards from different people all over the world, also this year Pebs (who organises this massive undertaking) asked everone to add information about where they live , so it became teh basis for a geography lesson/s too !


  1. Tia, is your blog listed in our directory?

  2. Tia!!! I'm so sorry! I forgot all about you when I was making that list! And I wish I had put you on there for 3 reasons: #1 Your pictures are amazing, #2 You are in Ireland and I think that people would be interested in your life there, and #3 I love your hands-on approach to homeschooling!!! Arg!

    Okay, I'm just going to go back and make a #16! Go back to my post here and get that blog award!!! And keep those pictures coming, because I LOVE them!!!



  3. Oh WOW Sarah , me and Aideen are JUMPING around , THANKYOU...this is SO exciting !!!!!