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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First day back ...

31st August , and back we go to "real" HS work , by that I mean back to the academic side of things...the theory as it were ! We`re all glad to be back in the routine again , Aideen is now in 5th class (6th Grade) and Daisy is still in pre-school homeschool :0)

We started off the day with some maths , then English...and its that time of year again...the MS readathon, so Aideen is off collecting sponsorship money again for MS Ireland. This year Aideen has choosen to study Jaqueline Wilson , last year she did a project on Roald Dahl...after that we had art/humanities , we got going on our "PEACE" posters for World Peace Day and Daisy even started colouring her pinwheel for peace. Daisy is doing shapes , "square" is this weeks shape...and Henrietta the hamster was happy to have bustle in the HS room again too :0) Then for a relaxing end to the first day Aideen started her knitting...I showed her 2 stitches and that was it the girl can knit !!!! She says shes knitting a scarf as her first project...and then our HS pals called over for tea as we all (especially the mammys) wanted to see how everyones first day back went...a great start to a great year !


  1. hi guys, gosh what a day you all had! we took the easy option we did art all day lol
    aideen i love the knitting its coming along very well you have an excellent teacher-momma Tia, cant wait to see the finished scarf.
    the coffee was great as always sean! lol just getting my kids out of your house and home for dinner is near imposssible!
    as always a great day-thank you
    hugs and blessings to you all
    nora sadhbh and caoimhe

  2. Seeing Aideen knit brings back such memories. I loved knitting at school. We had our class in the baby and high infants prefab at school while the boys did P.E.

    Wouldn't get away with that now!

    It is so lovely to see Fairy sitting so attentively. She really loves the schoolroom and work....

    I really am in awe of all the work you do, and of the amazing range of things that happen in your day. Well done! It makes me want to get stuck into projects.

    Our boys are delighted to be back in school. I must say I am rreally enjoying the peace too despite the busyness of it all....

  3. have agreat new school year. thanks for the post card i was so happy to get it see ya soon d