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Home Sweet Homeschool
Home Sweet Homeschool

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Aideen wears her apple hat to keep warm :)

Autumn , especially the Autumn we are having , so far a lovley dry one...has given the girls many opportunities to get out and collect "leafts" as Daisy calls them , and to make drawings , rubbings etc.. Daisy is going through a love affair with "Dikky tape" (sticky stape) at the moment so sticking leaves to paper was high on the list :)

Also , Aideen has been busy catching up with writing letters , and made this lovley booklet for her adopted Gramdmother , Daisy Lila , in NYC , who loves W.B Yeats , her favourite poem is "Lake Isle of Inisfree" so Aideen copied it out into a little handbag sized booklet for her...

also Aideen is busy catching up with French and English work , but theres always time to go outside to play and she made this lovley 3D Autumn wreath in the garden the other day , with a little help from Daisy of course !

Aideen is hoping to learn the recorder soon but as you can see , Daisy got to it first :)

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