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Sunday, October 4, 2009

You can eat what ?!?

Hips and Haws....yes thats right , the fruit of the Rose bush and also of the Hawthorn tree !!! (Be very careful you pick the right berries and also remember to leave some for the birds). We had great fun picking the fruit off our own rose bushes (roses are actually a member of the apple family) , in our garden , and now we will use some of the fruit to make rose hip tea. During the war we learned that the government encouraged the populace to grow roses as the hips have a huge vitamin C content in them. You can dry them out also. To make the tea , put 4 or 5 rose hips into a cup , pour over boiling water, leave for about 10 minutes and add some honey if wished...free and good for you !

Also we are going looking for some haws soon as we have a recipie for haw sauce, great with icecream ;)

Daisy is still fascinated with the beach after our holidays this year...so far we havent found a sand table , but she seems to enjoy playing "beach" with a bowl of sugar!!!! Necessity is the mother of invention and all that !

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  1. hi crazy daisy, we love your sand and its sweet just like you.....our mam said she is not drinking the tea.
    see you soon
    sadhbh and caoimhe