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Home Sweet Homeschool

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a great start to the week

when looking through the book of poems we got in the library today we found this rather cool poem , suited the day as it rained most of the morning ,and then like a gift from the Heavens the sun came out and shone all evening !!!
a grand selection of books we got today in the local libraries book sale...science, geography ,history and english books all for a song !

"Chaos" (without the "h" ,an AMAZING song Aideen wrote today !!!!!!!! The words are just SO profound ...

Our "school pet" Henrietta comes out to play :)

Look at how big the chestnut we sowed last year has grown !!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. hi aidi, cant wait to see the finished song...maybe michael will help you with the music?? guitar piano or violin??? there his three instruments...
    hows henrietta post daisy scare...lol sorry for laughing..daisy your so 'bold' not!!
    how did you get that chestnut to grow!!! your putting me to shame...
    aidi see you soon angel
    hugs and blessings aunty nora