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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Samhain , the Celtic New year is almost upon us ... and here in Scoil Dai , we are busy preparing for the Halloween...always homemade decorations , costumes ,etc abound...and as the mornings grow darker we look forward to the last of the harvest...today Nora and the girls came, and Nora made us all lovley dinner while the girls plotted and planned their costimes etc...we are HOPING ,weather premitting to have a small fire after trick or treating in our back yard , along with cups of hot chocolate and Sean has even got sparklers (am I as excited as the kids? YES !)

We received our lovley Samhain card from Laura in America today , even though we are catolics ,we love being open minded to all religions , so that gives us lots to talk about in class these days, respectiong other peoples choices ,etc...we have printed out our own "Happy Halloween" cards and are busy colouring them in...theres just something so "human" about this time of year ,everyone gathering together to eat ,play and keep warm by the fire...truly we have a lot to be thankful for !

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  1. hi guys thank you so much for the lovely package i received in the post today i love the braclet and i'll keep it for special occasions. my favorite color is lilac. thanks for the lovely dish cloth perfect for hot pots to go on worktops. i have some goodies for you too. mayeb i could call to you one day and give them to you. talk soon d