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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Irish Myths and Legends

Note from Aideen : DON`T forget to feed the birds now, its really getting cold and also leave some water for them too :0)

Today saw the turn of "The brown bull of Cooley" , another famous Irish legend , staring Queen Maeve , Aideen wrote a great review on this legend and its meanings, etc...also today saw Daisy painting (again) she just loves painting...so we are using her painted pages to make some of this years Christmas cards !

Sadhbh and Caoimhe came to visit so the girls did a bit of tidying for me in the schoolroom with Aideen , (thanks guys), while we are in wexford they are going to call to make sure the animals are all feed and warm,etc...lots of plans were made by the girls for Halloween....very exciting time ;)

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  1. hi aidi..sadhbh and caoimhe love visiting you and organising lots to do for HS projects...aidi your legends reviews are turning out really well cant wait to read the finished work...well done girl...
    looking forward to halloween with you
    sadhbh caoimhe nora