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Home Sweet Homeschool
Home Sweet Homeschool

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The ONLY homeschool...

Can you believe it? We were the only homeschool in Ireland to have our photos picked for the NCCA (they choose the curriculums for the public schools in Ireland to follow) , to have our photo accepted and published and used for their 10th year celebrations...it IS a bit of an honour and a boost...any HSer will know that you DONT need a certificate to know you are doing a good job , but hey everyone needs a boost now and then...so we had to go and get a frame and hang it up...well done Aideen !!!!

also (before I got ill with shingles) we`ve been studying poetry by Robert Frost , especially his Autumn themed poems...and when we went to the local pet shop they gave Aideen a talk about snakes and even (ugh) gave her the whole skin that one of their snakes had shed...it IS amazing to see , but its safe in a ziplock bag...thanks guys !!!!

Also Daisy has been very busy , guess what...yes , painting , how did you guess ???? here are some of her flowers...of course mammy helped with the cutting out , but Daisy did the painting and glueing all on her own...well done sweetie !!!!

Back to "normal" tomorrow...

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