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Thursday, July 30, 2009

art and books...

Aideen can make art from ANYTHING...while waiting for friends to visit the other day and tidying up the games cupboard (Daisy loves messing up the games cupboard)...Aideen made a "modern art" model...we just HAD to take a photo and everyone commented on it, it really was a shame to have to take it apart...times like this you love having a camera :)

Today (Thursday), a lot of reading got done , as Dad is recuperating from his op (nothing serious ,just a vasectomy) , but its a great oportunity for the kids to read to him as he sits on the couch...and read they did ! Aideen tore into the "Big Issue" magazine and read about how the Irish Homeless Football team have made it to the finals in Italy this summer (well done guys) ...and Daisy read about "Gabba"...

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  1. hi guys, you should have glued it together and put it on the wall. it looks really good.
    well done aideen and your very patient with mrs mumpers
    hugs nora sadhbh and caoimhe