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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Prepare for a Viking invasion !

Well, tomorrow (Friday) is a big day for us and our HS friends, Nora, Sadhbh and Caoimhe...its the very first day of our very first combined project "The Vikings"....we havent set a time limit on getting the project completed , as obviously we are homeschoolers and also we will be going between houses to do the project , ie a day here a day in Noras...so for starters it was my job (though -thankyou Sean and Aideen) I had helpers , telling me what was right and wrong...dont mind me I`m only the artist !!! And both families had decided a long=boat would be a great background to put all our bits and bobs on...and here she is...excuse the photos as our hall is very dark and small (but its the only wall free in the cottage, what with paintings and HS stuff)...to give you a better idea, the boat is just over 2.5 feet in lenght so its plenty big for the girls work...and Nora, Frank and the girls visited teh Viking center in Dublin and got us loads of cool stuff and after the project is finished both families will be going on a "school tour" of the center again ! Heres some of the bits we have ready for tomorrow...Aideen LOVES the way the girls did a crayon rubbing of her name in Runes (the viking writing) ,and I love (And laugh every time I go to write something on my shopping list) at the "message" the girls made for me ! So heres to a great project , and may there be many more !

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  1. guys, this is going to be a great project, it might just take the summer! All we are missing is out the viking language sounded! maybe we could get the girls to make it up!