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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Science workshop

Aideen and her friend Jordan were at a science workshop in our local library today ,given , no less by one of the professors from Maynooth college ! He was a lovley man , and made the whole concept of air and pressure fun and simple for all the kids (of many ages) very easy to understand...unfortunatley I had to leave early and missed lots of photo opportunities ,but heres just a taster . The professor actually GUESSED Aideen was HSed as he came over to me and said she was tottaly into it all , and was volunteering for EVEREYTHING , and she was the only kid who didnt say that they couldnt do these experiments at home as they would be too messy !!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Aideen, you look like you are having great fun...just goes to show homeschoolers have the gra for learning, especially learning new things
    We definitely have to have a science day
    hugs and blessings
    nora, sadhbh and caoimhe