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Friday, July 3, 2009

SEW clever !

Sewing today, after gardening and our weekend visit to the library Aideen ot down to finishing the teddy bear shes been making for daisy for her 2nd birthday on Sunday, sewing really seems to be Aideens thing, and she has some lessons lined up for sewing by machine with our HS Mom friend, Nora, so shes really excited about that ! Also Aideen is putting together an "Ireland Info pack" for Sana`s girls in Canada who want to study Ireland over the summer...so everyday she tries to gather a little more , today she managed to find a flag to colour off the internet which she printed out...AND last of all but not least our "big Picnic for Barrettstown" pack arrived today...Barrettstown is a hostel in Ireland for children with cancer, and the idea is to hold a picnic and collect donations from all who turn up on the day ,it doesnt have to be a set amount ,just whatever every "picnic blanket" can afford...we`re really excited about it , all we have to do it get permission from the garda (the Irish police) to hold the picnic in a public place and we`re set...wish us luck !

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  1. Aideen well done, your ted looks great. we will have to organise the sew day soon.
    xx nora sadhbh and caoimhe