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Home Sweet Homeschool
Home Sweet Homeschool

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The sound of music

Noras house is a music lovers dream...thankyou to Sadhbh for the wonderful violin recital, I really enjoyed it ! Keep practicing everyday and we`ll see you on tv soon with all the greats ! Daisy who adores music of anykind nearly fell over herself with delight when she got a xylaphone to play and I kid you not...Nora was tinkling the ivories with "twinkle twinkle" and Daisy COPIED the notes on the xylaphone, she was on the opposite side of the room to Nora and no-one was showing her !!!! The Nora got jiggy with it, playing the can-can and Daisy and Sadhbh were kicking legs up higher than you`d believe !!!! As you can see Nora and the girls have an excellent HS space/room...and as with all HS rooms the walls are covered with the kids work....you guys HAVE been working hard ! Dont worry Daisy isnt hurt she just rang away with a lipstick and covered herself in it ...

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  1. guys, this really was a great day. I told karen about mrs mumpers playing after me she, she was amazed that someone so young could do.
    oh yes her makeup was also em amazing! I think i will have to practice some, no actually alot!
    hugs and blessings