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Home Sweet Homeschool
Home Sweet Homeschool

Monday, July 6, 2009

Homeschooling mammy`s unite :)

Heres some photos of our "best homeschooling friends"...Nora (the mammy) and Sadbh and Caoimhe (the kids)...we all get on SO great... so great that we are combining forces to have a double "graduation" ceremony for the girls this year...Aideen will be graduating 4th class, Sadbh 3rd class, Caoimhe senior infants and Daisy, pre-school...Aideen tried on her cap yesterday (made from a cereal box) and Daisy had to have a go too !!! Nora is making a cake, it`ll be a grand day !!! Also pictured is the wrapping paper Noras kids made to wrap daisys birthday gift in...you can always tell when a homeschooler is at a party..we`re the ones with the home-made gift, card andwrapping paper :0)

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  1. Oh my, the kids, well no actually we look great....!It was such a great day. the girls loved it. they are already planning their Grad day with Aideen. They loved making the wrapping paper, Im all for recycling. And thanks for my pressie
    xx nora sadhbh and caoimhe